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The Spanish Armada By William Shakespeare - 1319 Words

The Spanish Armada is about a boat that set sail in July 1588 by the Spanish, and it was ordered by the catholic King Philip ii of Spain to invade England and take down the protestant Queen Elizabeth i. Queen Elizabeth i, was catholic but then became protestant. The Church did not like her decision and they wanted her to become catholic again, so the Pope encouraged King Philip ii of Spain if he could try to make England catholic again. King Philip agreed to do what the Pope had asked of him. For years King Philip ii wanted England and he was in need of a Queen and since Elizabeth i was not wed he proposed to Elizabeth over and over again, but Elizabeth wanted to make the decisions and wanted to be in charge for her country and she did not want to marry because she did not want to be told what to do by her husband, so she declined all of Philip’s marriage proposals. Philip agreed that he would give her time and he would be willing to be patient for her and the throne, and wait for Elizabeth to accept his proposal. Queen Elizabeth’s biggest catholic rival and biggest threat to her throne was her cousin Mary Stuart, also known as Mary Queen of Scots, seeing how Mary was next in line for Elizabeth’s throne. Elizabeth felt threatened by Mary. Elizabeth was afraid that Mary would take the throne right from her at any moment. Elizabeth had imprisoned Mary while Mary was out riding and kept her captive in England. After the Throckmorton Plot of 1583, Walsingham introduced the BondShow MoreRelatedElizabeth The First Was The Queen Of England And Ireland1692 Words   |  7 Pagesthe crown. She was able to transform England’s empire from a very weak place to England’s Golden Age. During her reign the greatest artistic brilliance in English history was created, the birth of Shakespeare, the rise of trade, the rich were taxed to help the poor, and the defeat of the Spanish Armada. The daughter of Henry VIII and his second wife Anne Boleyn was Queen Elizabeth I. Elizabeth’s father was very disappointed when Elizabeth was born because he was hoping for a son to heir the throneRead MoreWilliam Drake s The Kingdom Of Danger1214 Words   |  5 PagesIn the dispute between England and Catholic Spain they blamed each other for whose fault it was. Through my research I have read both sides of the story and have come to whose fault it really was. In the two sonnets, written by Shakespeare, he talks about what love means to him and uses personification and imagery to get across to the reader. Both sonnets share similar themes of love. In the â€Å"The Kingdom in Danger† and Shakespeare’s poems I will explicate all view points of the literary elementsRead MoreElizabeth I and the Spanish Armada Essay1352 Words   |  6 PagesElizabeth I and the Spanish Armada The cold, stormy night was all too familiar to the English. A devious plan by Spains king, Philip II, was being formed to overthrow Queen Elizabeth I of England and rid the world of the English heretics.1 It was a story of deception, false judgments, and poor planning. What was one kings dream turned into his countrys nightmare. While the Spanish had bad leaders, the English had good ones. The Spanish had bigger, but slower ships, while the English hadRead MoreNotes on Monarchy962 Words   |  4 PagesRenaissance ideas = shipbuilding, techniques, astrolabe, compass...Humanism = human accomplishments of exploration... Printing press helped circulate news of Columbuss travel | Legitimacy supported by Machiavellis ideas... Elizabeth patroned Shakespeare | Reformation | Gutenbergs printing press = Renaissance ideas spread... Religion = Art Pope wanted to make a new dome for sistine chapel. Michelangelo was asked to paint it. the pope needed $ to build so he sold indulgences. Luther was againstRead MoreBattle During The Elizabethan Era1142 Words   |  5 Pagesthe 1500’s there was a period in time six years before Shakespeare was born Queen Elizabeth took thrown and became queen of England. It was like the most recognized era in the English history , the era was most recognized because of so many things that happened that were important to the English. Other reasons why it was important was of the plays that took plays in the theaters that were composed by many people especially William Shakespeare. When Queen Elizabeth 1 became queen there was violenceRead MoreA Brief Biography of William Shakespeare617 Words   |  3 PagesWilliam Shakespeare, the man of many artistic talents, is still quite a mysterious figure in todayâ €™s world, mainly because of the lack of records on this man; but also because of his writings. According to what little the Holy Trinity Church had documented on William Shakespeare, the legal and business transactions including some theatrical and Court documents as well as his life’s work, can be used to put the little bits of information given to us to see the basic overview of this man’s life, useRead MoreThe Elizabethan Er The Golden Age Of English History1527 Words   |  7 PagesWorld History (E Block) March 13, 2015 The Elizabethan Era is depicted as the golden age in English history.   This age was marked as a renaissance which inspired English exploration, international expansion and naval triumph over England’s hated Spanish enemies ( Elizabethan Era.). Queen Elizabeth I was queen from 1558 until her death in 1603, marking the Elizabethan Era.   Her father was King Henry VIII, who ruled from 1509 until his death in 1547, and was succeeded by Elizabeth s siblings EdwardRead More Queen Elizabeth Essay examples1227 Words   |  5 Pagesthe world. England and many other European countries were jealous of Spainamp;#8217;s riches, especially in the New World. Elizabeth allowed her seamen to raid Spanish ships on the high seas. Between 1557 and 1580, Francis Drake sailed around the world, becoming the first man, after Francis Magellan to do so. On his trip he ravaged Spanish settlements in South America, returning to England with 1,000,000 in treasure. Elizabeth knighted him aboard his ship, the Golden Hind, worsening already tenseRead MoreQueen Elizabeth: The Virgin Queen922 Words   |  4 Pageswar with each other when Elizabeth came into power and with the help of Queen Elizabeth’s key advisor, William Cecil; they ended the war with France (Queen Elizabeth I Biography). Elizabeth did not want to interfere with Spain or France again because they were the two powerful countries at that time and she was able to avoid that during most of her reign. Unfortunately, in 1588 the Spanish Armada came to invade England to overthrow the Queen who they thought did not have a right to the throne (QueenRead MoreFrom Where did William Shakespeares Greatness Come?755 Words   |  3 Pagesknow not what we may be.†~ William Shakespeare. It is not known if Shakespeare had any hand in the publications of his plays, in which he is so well known for. â€Å"Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.†~ William Shakespea re. Was he just born great? Did he simply achieve greatness? Did he have it thrust upon him due to the changing times in which he lived? So many questions remain, even though more is known about William Shakespeare than any other person of

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Essay on Steinbecks The Grapes of Wrath vs. Sinclair’s...

Steinbecks The Grapes of Wrath vs. Sinclair’s The Jungle The global appeal of the so-called American dream of happiness and success has drawn many people to the â€Å"promised land† for hundreds of years. Although the American government preached equality for all on paper, it was driven primarily by money. Both Upton Sinclair and John Steinbeck recognized this and used literature to convey the flaws of capitalism. Sinclair’s The Jungle satirized America’s wage slavery at the turn of the century and forty years later, Steinbeck’s novel The Grapes of Wrath criticized the commercialism of American farming. These two books, often viewed as propagandistic, employ similar persuasive strategies: strong imagery, heavy symbolism, biting†¦show more content†¦Steinbeck also uses intense imagery to depict the lives of Dust Bowl migrants. His descriptions usually occur in the intercalary chapters interspersed with the story of the Joads. A poetic quality pervades these short chapters, like when he describes th e wind racing across the land and digging â€Å"cunningly among the rootlets of the corn.† Often these vignettes personify the land, describing how â€Å"the earth whispered under the beat of the rain.† The intercalary segments portray the relationship of the migrants and the land. By showing the depth of connection between a farmer and his land in lyrical prose, Steinbeck appeals to the emotions of the reader. By approximating this situation to his own life, the reader identifies with the story and its cause. In this same way, symbolism also attempts to render concepts more tangible for the reader. Symbolism is prevalent throughout The Jungle. From the beginning, Sinclair elaborates on two extended metaphors, the jungle and the machine. He also infuses animal analogies throughout the work. Jurgis possesses the â€Å"appetite of a wolf,† and he fights through a blizzard â€Å"plunging like a wounded buffalo.† The similes likening people to animals contribute to the jungle metaphor. Sinclair equates the city under capitalism to a forest, where â€Å"the branches of the trees do battle for

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Mini-Lessons and Teaching - 779 Words

Main Ideas †¢ Don’t be afraid to ask (or assign) multilingual students a writing project. Even though it might challenge them, it will also be extremely beneficial to them as English Language Learners. †¢ Teaching moves Ms. Rodriguez makes to support her multilingual students: She begins with a narrative story about yesterday’s work, She uses a visual cue to remind students of the writing she demonstrated yesterday, She provides a verbal demonstration for her students, modeling English syntax, Her tone is inclusive, and she talks to her students like fellow writers, She writes about a Spanish-language television show that most of her children know and watch, She points to each word and has the children read with her, demonstrating concepts of print that are significant for children learning to read in English, She asks students to turn and talk to their partners, which provides her multilingual student the opportunity to try out their ideas with a partner before speaking to the whole group, She models her writing and writes in Spanish, which validates the majority of her students’ language(s), She checks for understanding, She verbalizes the internal question tha t children can ask themselves when they complete their writing. †¢ The content of minilessons have a big impact even though they are brief. They are used to communicate significance, and through it students learn more about writing. They create a safe space that allow for students to feel equipped for theShow MoreRelatedHistory Of Reading Instruction : A Book About A Dog Named Pug1144 Words   |  5 Pagesdetailed teacher’s guides, with different lesson plans for each of the three instructional groups† (Vogt Shearer, 2011, p.13). During the next two decades, the focus of reading instruction shifted away from phonics based basal reading programs. Instead, research suggested teaching children how to think and interact with real literature, finding true pleasure in reading. Computers were showing up in classrooms and there was a decreased emphasis on teaching discrete skills. The whole language perspectiveRead MoreSimilarities And Differences Between Approaches Of Implementing A Writer s Workshop Of The Classroom Segments And Instructional Approaches757 Words   |  4 Pagestheory and research on teaching the writing process? Chapter five stresses the importance of a structured writer’s workshop with set procedures. The authors suggest that it should start with a reading aloud of a text, then introducing mini lesson, establishing status of the class survey and allowing time for independent writing and conferencing. The last element of the writer’s workshop is a group meeting, which take place periodically. In the video clip presenting the lesson with diamante poem, weRead MoreReading Information On Mini Lessons And Guided Reading1236 Words   |  5 Pageslearned so much from the reading information that was given to us over the span this course. Everything that I received is so wonderful and exciting, but because of the mass information, I did feel a little overwhelmed. All of the information on mini lessons and guided reading was so valuable because I did not know much about it, but this course and the information provided really simplified it for me. I also really appreciate the informati on on the reading strategies, particularly the first paperRead MoreKatherine Bomer s Hidden Gems 1322 Words   |  6 PagesKatherine Bomer’s method of â€Å"hidden gems†. A gem in Jess’s letter would be â€Å"When I’m a teacher I want to be the nicest teacher in the world.† Jess started and ended this sentence with the correct punctuation. I feel like I can sense Jess’s passion about teaching. She writes that she wants to be the nicest teacher and I think that this captivating. Another gem would be â€Å"When I’m a grown-up I want to live in a manchine and be a millianare.† I think this sentence is humorous. Children say what they are thinkingRead MoreAccommodations And Differentiation : Struggling Students Essay1666 Words   |  7 Pagesgetting this differentiation. They will be encouraged to write another sentence providing a reason why they are thankful for the things they write. Rationale: As teachers, it is important that we consider differentiations and accommodations when teaching. Differentiations are important to consider because the students who are more advanced will be bored and challenges like writing two sentences will keep these students engaged. As teachers, we will need to consider all types of students. SeatingRead MoreClassroom Environment At Shannock Valley Elementary School Essay1653 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction After being in my placement at Shannock Valley Elementary school in a first grade classroom for another four weeks, I have learned so much information that can help me further in my student teaching placements. Using the Danielson domains: classroom environment, professional responsibilities, planning and preparation, and instruction – I have been able to make connections to all of these from my placement over the several weeks. From my observations, they have been very eye-opening andRead MoreTeaching Writing Is An Exciting Time For Any Classroom Essay1419 Words   |  6 PagesTeaching Writing Teaching literature is an exciting time in any classroom. New Zealand Government (n.d.) reports â€Å"New Zealand children rank relatively highly on the international literacy scales†. This shows that New Zealanders value their literacy abilities, and work hard to upkeep our reputation. As a teacher, teaching writing can be very difficult, but also very rewarding. With the aid of purpose, audience and form we can guide our students in to knowing what they are writing about and whom itRead MoreJohn Dewey Theory On Education707 Words   |  3 Pageswhat I been teaching and how I’m going to do my unit plan for my Understand by Design project. My unit plan is on Ethics and Safety Practices in the workplace. I’ve used several examples of Dewey theory in my unit plan. One example from my unit plan is teaching students that they have to be able to do some ethics and safety practices once they get a job. The second example is that I’m going to incorporate the K-W-L Report in to my lesson. The third example from my unit is a mini lecture on â€Å"HowRead MoreCase Study on the Second Step Early Learning Curriculum751 Words   |  3 Pagesclass day for five to seven minute mini-lessons instead of a hour long lesson offered about once or twice per week like other curriculums. The advantage of this mini-lesson design is that since it is only a few extra minutes per day, it would not affect the current routine and schedule that is already acquired by the preschoolers, so it will be easier for them to adapt to this new additional lesson. Also, since there are many different ways to present the lesson, for instance, story telling, discussionsRead MoreDiversity and Equity Audit in My First Grade Classroom Community932 Words   |  4 Pageshave a variety of learning styles. Because of the varying learning styles, the high number of students receiving interventions, and low achievement in math, I decided, with our interventionist, to plan two weeks of co-teaching. Our goal was to meet the needs of all students by teaching the current standards, while incorporating content, which had been previously taught but not yet mastered by the student, and use small group instruction to scaffold activities, identify any misconceptions, and provide

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Reason and Justification

Question: Research then explain the reason and justification for the following sections of the corp act :- section 124; section 129(1) and section 588m(3). your analysis of each section is worth 5% .word limit -aprox 200 words per section. Answer: Reason and Justification Section 124 Section 124 deals with the legal capacity and powers vested in a company. (Austlii, 2016) It helps in clearly establishing the powers of the company in regards to what a company being a legal person can do. This section empowers the company to act as a legal person and thereby engage in various functions of the company. Further, this section helps in easing the functioning and management of the company. It reinstates the rule of separate legal entity by ensuring that the shares, debentures or other assets are issued solely in the name of the company and not in the name of its directors or members. In its second clause, it states that a company which is limited by guarantee cannot within its power issue shares. The main reason of this clause is to protect the shareholders from misuse of power by the directors. In the third clause, the section clarifies that even if the company is not acting as per its interest but within its legal capacity, then such acts would be considered legal and valid. This clause helps in expanding the scope and powers of the company to act within itself and decide for the matters that might fall beyond its peculiar interests. (Watterson, 2016) Section 129 (1) Section 129(1) deals with a particular assumption which may be made in regards to the constitution and replaceable rules of the company. It states that a person may assume that the company has complied with its constitution as well as the rules made under the Act. This section implements the statutory rule of indoor management or the doctrine of indoor management. (CCH, 2011) The justification of this section is to protect the outsiders from any malicious acts of the company. Since the section clearly provides that any person who contracts with the company or does business with the company may assume that such deal or the contract is in compliance with the constitution and the rules of the corporation act. Thereby this section seeks to safeguard the outsiders. (Tomasic et al., 2013) By this provision, such outsiders are protected in such a manner so that they are not bound to investigate into the internal management of the company. This section seeks to promote the interest of outsid ers contracting with the company. The reason of this section is to ensure implementation of statutory rule of indoor management within the workings of the company. Thereby imposing obligations on the company to abide by its constitution and any replaceable rules. (Krawitz, 2002) Section 588M (3) Section 588M (3) deals with the recovery of compensation for loss resulting from insolvent trading in relation to the creditor. (Austlii, 2016) It states that as provided under the Subdivision B, a creditor may recover from the debt due to him from the director of the company or an amount equal to loss or damage caused to him. The main objective of this provision is to safeguard the interest of the creditor against an insolvent trading by the director. With the implementation of this Act, even if a director being insolvent in his capacity enters into a trade and borrows any amount of money from the creditor, then the creditor has the right to recover the amount of money due to an amount equal to the damage caused as compensation from such director.(Hanrahan et al., 2016) This provision acts as a significant weapon towards the creditors who have been cheated by the director in any manner or in situations where the director pleads insolvency for non-payment of the debt due to the credi tor. The justification and reason for section is clear to safeguard and protect the interest of potential creditors and ensure that they are compensated for the loss caused to them. (Quinlan Zahra, 2009) References Austlii, 2016. Corporations Act 2001- Sect 124. Austlii, 2016. Corporations Act 2001- Sect 588M. CCH, 2011. Australian Corporations Securities Legislation. 2011th ed. Australia: McPherson's Printing Group. Hanrahan, Ramsay Stapledon, 2016. Commercial Applications of Company Law. 17th ed. CCH Publishers. Krawitz, A., 2002. Protecting Outsiders to Corporate Contracts in Australia. Murdoch University Electronic Journal of Law, 9(3), Quinlan, M. Zahra, C., 2009. Latest Development in Insolvent Trading. Tomasic, R., Bottomley, S. McQueen, R., 2013. Corporations Law in Australia. 2nd ed. Sydney: The Federation Press. Watterson, L., 2016. Pursuing profit productivity and philanthropy: The legal obligations facing corporate Australia.

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Tourism Growth Essay

Tourism Growth Essay Tourism Growth Essay What are the factors currently limiting the country’s tourism growth? A person travelling to other countries for business purposes, recreations and leisure is simply known as tourist. The amount of tourist entering into the country is known as tourist flow and the number of percentage increase is known as tourism growth. Tourism growth varies from seasons to seasons as there are off seasons and also depending on those countries that one is visiting. Like every countries, there are always factors limiting the country’s tourism growth like climate, political stability and personal preference. 1) Hurricane Season In every country’s tourism board, their mission is to increase customers’ satisfaction, safety and comfort. Due to all these factors, the climate change plays a major impact on tourism growth. Beachside is one of the coastal features and attraction that significantly contributed to the physical, social and economic development of Antigua and Barbuda. Annually, during June to November it have been reported that six tropical storms, ten hurricanes and four tropical depressions occurred from the year between 1996 and 2001. Regardless of the land-situated miles away, whether depression, hurricanes or storms, they can affect wave motions in Antigua and Barbuda. Due to this fact, tourists have been constantly avoiding to travel to beachside at these periods of time. (, 2003) 2) Crime Rates Crimes like violence, raping, murdering, and assaulting in Antigua and Barbuda have been constantly rising and occurring. Antigua and Barbuda was known as a tropical country with peace. During the period from 2008 to early January 2011, it have been reported that five tourists have been murdered. (, 2010) Furthermore, ever since the incident of British couple being shot with a gun, it had highlighted the crime rates of the country. In the year of 2008, it have been reported in the news that with the population of 80,000 people, murder rate have been three times more as compared to New York city. (The telegraph, 2008) 3) Personal Preference The role of personal preference refers to personal character. It consists of age, occupation, life cycle stage, economic situation and lifestyle consisting of individual’s pattern of living which can be expressed in difference in individual interests, opinions and activities that one would like to be engaged in. This data gives a brief analysis on trip purpose on which what a traveller is looking for during their trip, expectations and experiences. 4) Global Economical Crisis As the global financial crisis that began since 2008, the Caribbean Basin has been decrease slightly in visitation due to high unemployment rate especially in major market such as the United States (Kindred, 2012). Due to the high pressure on the economy people prefer to stay at home rather than going overseas with tight budget. Also as mentioned in previous section, two British tourist was shot dead and nearly half of them are not planning to come within next year and they would stay closer to their home (Simpson, 2009). Not only in Antigua, Barbuda, in Caribbean, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council, nearly 5 percent was dropped for global travel in 2009 (Math, 2012) in such struggling economic situation but also they are expecting the economy will bounce back as well as the tourism industry. 5) The Increase of Flight Taxes According to BBC (2012), â€Å"The Caribbean is the most tourism-dependent region in the world – but a big drop in visitor numbers is being blamed on Britain’s air passenger duty†.

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Unit 4 assessment professionalism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Unit 4 assessment professionalism - Essay Example By making the open door policy as an important policy in the organization ensures that the management and the subordinates understand what is required of them as guided by the policy. Further, by ensuring that it is part of policies in the organization is important in creating an organizational culture, which promotes open communication where every member is able to approach any other member of the organization who can address a given issue effectively (Malin, 2000). On the other hand, having a policy in place also helps in ensuring that the scope of what is permissible or not is addressed effective lest it turns the policy in to ineffective one, which causes more problems to the organization. In this case, the policy allows for order in the organization, where members respect each other and that they know what and where the policy is applicable (Anderson and Bolt, 2011). Lastly, a policy ensures that all individuals, both in the management and subordinate understand their responsibi lities towards the policy. Question 2:  As a supervisor, you observe, on numerous occasions, one of your best customers intently abusing two of your most valuable employees. What steps do you take to protect your staff members?   It is import for an organization to ensure that both the employees and customers have a good environment where they can engage each other with respect and professionally. Of great significance is the recognition of the importance of the customer, who should be well served and his/her needs addressed effectively and professionally. However, when customers become abusive on the employees, it is important for the organization to stand up to defend them from such abuse (DuPont, 1998). In many nations including the US, UK, South Africa and many more have legislation, which protects staff by forbidding certain behavior by customers. It is however important to know that the leadership of an